A meditation for relaxation (especially if someone is anxious or panicked)
  • Listen to the sound of my voice, focus on the details
    • Is it breathy?
    • Nasal?
    • Deep?
  • Find your focus: breath
    • Intentionally take a deep breath: in (count to 5) and out (count to 5)
    • Repeat 6+ times
  • Begin to notice the details of your breath
    • The phases
      • Inhaling
      • Hold
      • Exhaling
      • Hold
    • Feel it in your stomach, chest, shoulders, back, nostrils, throat
  • Let your breathing slow
  • Long inhales and exhales
  • Imagine your emotional state as an ocean
  • The wave and turbulence move in response to your breaths
  • As you breath deeper and slower, the ocean's surface becomes calmer and flatter
  • Imagine yourself floating upon the waves, weightless and effortless
  • Let yourself dissolve into the gentle oscillations of the surface
  • All that matters is this coming and going of sensation
  • Know that you can always find this place, your anchor, from wherever you are
  • Just take a moment to look for the waves and they will be there
  • Sometimes the ocean is choppy, sometimes it even storms
  • But it will return to its natural, resting state with time
  • Search for the underlying tranquility and it will always be there, even if it is obscured
  • Let this be your anchor in life
Last modified 2yr ago
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