There's No Accounting For Taste

  • If someone likes something and you do not, accept that they do like it

  • They are different to you, that's a good thing

  • Different tastes are important, strange obscure art can only exist because of mainstream normality

  • People deserve to have entertainment made for them, popular music, tv, etc is popular because a lot of people like it

  • Accept this fact, it's not due to inferior intelligence, it's an emotional experience someone else gets

  • Not everyone should react the same way to everything

  • Instead find the profound beauty in the fact someone does like something, ask them what about it they like and look for those qualities

    • It's possible to grow appreciation for something, even if you never love it

    • This gives you access to powerful perspectives outside yourself and helps with empathetic reasoning

    • Engage this mindset especially with those you love, if someone you respect and care for likes something that you do not then you should try to understand why they like it

    • This will teach you deep insights about your friends and family and in turn will help you relate to them and the world at large

  • I believe that the diversity of opinion in the world, especially in the domain of something as wholesome as entertainment, is a wonderful gift

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