A meditation scripts for probing the nature of consciousness
  • Object awareness

    • Focus on your object of choice (the breath, usually)

    • Move your awareness to other objects, the body, sound, emotion etc.

    • Rotate between objects at a regular but relaxed pace

  • Non-choice awareness

    • Try to open yourself up to many of these objects at once

    • When you notice a sound, be aware that you noticed it

    • The same for a breath, a thought, a physical sensation etc.

    • Let the objects draw you to them

  • Natural awareness

    • Focus on your entire body

    • Especially the back, feel the enclosed shape of your body

    • Become aware of all sensations at once

    • Everything you experience, sober or intoxicated, awake or asleep occurs as a perturbation of consciousness

    • Merely a ripple on its surface

    • Consciousness is like a bubble, containing all of your reality

    • It floats weightlessly and deforms easily, always springing back

    • Let yourself be aware of this, the container of all experience

    • This bubble is not inside your body, or your head, though those objects appear within it

    • It is the sum total of everything

    • Let the boundaries between you and the universe dissolve

      • They were never there in the first place

    • Your consciousness is expansive, limitless and warm


  • Let go of all focus and effort, just be with your consciousness

  • Let go of your beliefs and opinions, they do not define you

  • Let go of the pursuit of facts and truth, drop everything and sit in the space that remains

  • When we find our awareness, there is no effort, there is no concentration, only relaxed expansiveness

  • Sit, and if you once again become identified with thought, gently push your awareness out to encompass everything again