Notes from reading Awareness by Anthony De Mello
When we talk about the ego vs consciousness, what are we trying to distinguish between?
When we take a moment to observe everything, our senses, our thoughts, our feelings then we could say that we are observing ourselves. This is the process of meditation, to observe yourself as if you were another person (except you've got a little more information).
So, if "I" am watching "me" then who's the "I" and who's the "me"? This is a matter of terminology, rather than any kind of metaphysical claim.
"I" is consciousness, "me" is the ego.
We first aim to observe things, then thoughts and finally we hope to glimpse the thinker. However, can "I" truly observe itself?
Things that are part of "me", not "I":
  • my thoughts
  • my body
  • my name
  • my history
  • my beliefs
  • any label I apply to myself
Suffering occurs when "I" and "me" collapse. This is normal and should not be prevented, merely understood.