Incorrect Assumptions

Things I've been told throughout my life that turned out to be bullshit

  • That people cannot and will not change

  • That because I do well on standardised testing I am intelligent

  • That because I approach the world logically that I am cold and unfeeling

  • That because I pay attention to my appearance I am vain (or, that I am queer)

  • That because my skin is a particular colour my brain is good at maths

  • That because I am good at maths I cannot be creative and artistic

  • That there is no point thinking about or trying to make sense of the world

  • That people are irreconcilably different at a fundamental level

  • That men and women cannot just be friends

  • That I am successful because I earn a certain amount of money

  • That I am wasting my life when I choose to attend parties

  • That I am boring when I choose not to attend parties

  • That your relationships will play out exactly like anyone or anything has told you they will

  • That you are hard to love

  • That no one will ever really understand you

  • That because I experience my feelings intensely I am not masculine, attractive or mentally healthy

  • That I only exercise to attract potential partners

  • That drugs can only do me harm

  • That drugs are only for recreation and pleasure

  • That there is ever only one path forward

  • That my aspirations are bizarre and unachievable

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