The Hustle

The cycle:

  • Envision the ideal structure of my life

    • Work when I want, as much or little as I want

    • Minimalist, small house, grow some of my own food

    • Meditate, learn, socialise, laugh, listen to music, create

    • Exercise

    • Variety in each day

    • Freedom

  • What do I need?

    • Money, passive income

  • How do I get it?

    • Start a company

    • Release a hit game

    • Invest and be smart with my money

  • Pitfalls

    • I can't actually bring myself to start a company that doesn't help people and that I'm not passionate about

    • If I focus too much on this type of success, then I will be moving further away from my ideal

  • So, seems like the only way is what I'm doing right?

    • Work for someone else

    • Make fulfilling side projects with the hope that eventually one of them can lead me to being financially independent

  • The problem is, this leaves me very time-poor

    • Constantly stressing that I could be doing more

    • Hard to relax and turn off with friends and loved ones

  • Current plan is to save enough money to coast for a few years and give myself a real run at doing what I want full-time

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