Optimism for Cynical Assholes

  • I have always been very negative

  • I found optimism and wholesomeness cringe inducing and trite

  • We don't want to be openly positive for fear of judgement from others

    • "Oh, you're one of those people"

  • Or for fear of rejection, for them not reciprocating

  • How fucked up is it that we are scared of being judged for being happy? Of being judged for caring about someone?

  • I have always had trouble expressing my affection for partners, family and friends

    • Sometimes I would feel like I should say something but I was paralyzed by fear of looking "stupid" while doing it

    • It may not look like it, but sharing your happiness and compassion takes immense courage

  • ... more about having trouble opening up, anecdotes etc.

  • Some people find this distasteful because they see the world as a cruel and unforgiving where you must earn your place

  • Sure, whatever, the world is cruel and doesn't care about you

  • Isn't that a strong argument for being positive?

  • I doubt many of us will get to the end of our lives and think "I am so glad that I remained cynical the whole way, it really made it all worthwhile"

We're playing a bigger game here, it's not just about how you feel but about how you could feel.

  • Let's say you're actually open to the idea of being positive, what steps can you take?

  • Affirmations

  • Gratitude practices

  • Appreciating the little things

  • Notes on how you can fight the voice in your head that tells you "this is dumb I wanna stop"

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